Sunday, April 02, 2006

One of my most favorite things that you hairless apes do to each other is think that one hairless ape is better than another, solely based on the color of their skin-I love it! And the mean things they do to each other because of surface differences are what keep me stocked with fresh souls to torment. He doesn't care about skin color, or whether you worship Moses, Jesus, Mohammed or L. Ron, the only thing he sees is the color of your heart-blecch.
So I do my best to stir the hate between the races. I use fear to keep the racists going, unfounded fear works the best, since it is the hardest to dissuade with logic. I even have my son, Richard stirring up the hatred by attacking all those brown skinned people in the Middle East, to keep the Americans scared of "Islamofascists". Of course, when Richard has succeeded in conquering the whole world, it will be mine-YOU WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE ME OR SUFFER IN PAIN!!! The funny part is the Christians who support my deliciously evil war because they think it leads to Jesus coming back-He's not! No, Mohammed will come down when the rapture begins and swoop all His people up to Heaven. So I have a laugh at all the Christians who think they are on the side of goodness when in fact they are the tools of my son-Richard Cheney!
I see also where the racists in the United States don't want to let any more brown skinned Spanish speaking people in their country-good for them! Of course, they won't succeed because the wealthyn people have declared war on all the poor people in the United States. They sit in their Ivory towers while more and more people slip below the poverty level-I love it. Poor people are willing to sell their soul for anything, lottery winnings, pick-up trucks, and I am more than willing to oblige. All I ask is that they give up their soul to me in exchange- I get a bargain! Their life on the surface is temporary-I offer eternal torment!


Blogger AJ said...

Eternal Torment?
Geez Louise Lou, all I wanted was a new truck and maybe a few bucks to fill up the gas tank....and well, ok a few virgins.Back off.

I mean, is that really asking too much?

May I call your undivine attention to Blackness Protocol Item 548943.65 paragraph C, dated cerca 2518 BCE, River Styx dept.; Lower Hell Division
To wit:
'Minos shall judge fairly.'

I mean, look at David-
So he screwed up big time with one naked chick casually bathing on a roof,
(one might wonder what the hell she was doing naked on the roof in the first place).
I haven't asked for HALF the stuff he had...

12:55 PM  
Blogger I'm The Devil, Who The Hell Are You? said...

Sorry aj, but even the market in souls is a buyer's market these days (the soul bubble burst in the early eighties). My offer may be reduced, or completely withdrawn-act quick!

2:27 PM  
Blogger qrswave said...

you guys are a riot! lol

7:17 PM  

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