Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Aaah! You hairless apes have started another war! Death destruction violence mayhem-I love it! Mainly because all this is done in His name, while the enemy is always me-silly! I guess that's what makes me better than Him, I don't ask any one to kill in my name, I just provide a destination for those who kill in His name!
But what saddens me is when I see the children killed. To me, a dead child is automatically His. There are no children in Hell, no matter what Pat Benatar sings! A dead child does not get to grow up and become corrupted by my evil ways. A dead child does not get to experience the joys of life that will lead to here! I wish they'd stop killing the little children and get back to killing each other! The more you kill in His name the more likely you are to wind up here.
I also find it humorous that you hairless apes would think that He would choose sides. For some unknown reason, He loves (yecch) you all. Don't ask me why, I find you all to repulsive, barely a step above the monkeys in the zoo. For that is what you have placed yourself in-cages! You are blind to your cages but what you think makes you free instead keeps you confined! Draw lines and divide up the planet and call each other different names does not make for a better world, it makes for more reasons to hate each other! But lucky for me, that hate is what keeps my larder well stocked with fresh souls unable to see that beneath the labels you place upon each other you are all just hairless apes.